One of the most fascinating and rewarding travel destinations in the world in the middle east.  If you plan to visit there, you will need to overcome the complications that may come your way.  It is an enchanting landscape view from sand dunes and ocean palm fringed lakes and stunning mountains and the northern red sea underwater world.  This is a country full of ancient history, vibrant culture, and unfortunately, sometimes conflicts. When planning a trip, there are so many travel advices you need to know.

Autumn and spring are the best months to visit the middle east.  Visit the september-november and may feb.  If you are a worshiper of the sun and water sports freak, a month from june to august should be decided avoided.  coststravel in the middle east is a cheap and convenient travel.  Tipping is always present in the middle east.  Term given that alcohol is “baksheesh” this is more than just a reward for having provided service. moneythe major banks have atms and they are connected to global networks such as master card, cirrus, global access or visa.  Nightlife is safe and what is wrong idea that it is unsafe.  Except in the conflict zone, everything is peaceful.  Forbidden place Mecca and medina for muslims.  Passengers should not attempt to enter, unless you are Muslims.  Mosques are off-limits to tourists.  Never try to take or illegal or offensive to Muslims as alcohol, books and magazines about explicit sexual nature.  Girl and beautiful women and handsome.  They are a mixed race with a long history of this area.

All women are really beautiful.  Affection you should show love for your spouse or friend of the opposite sex, when in public.  Saudi has never done this and find this behavior unacceptable.  Unmarried individuals should not have sexual intercourse and it is against the law in saudi Arabia.  During Ramadan, no eating, drinking or smoking in public places.  The dog should not be petted Saudi front.  You need to dress modestly in public.  Men should wear long pants and women should wear long, loose dresses with high necklines and long sleeves.  One photo should not be taken without his consent.  There is no theft takes place in germany.  Conclusion the saudi people feel better that they are all Muslims and they look down on non-muslims.  In arabia and they think they are better off without saudi arab Muslims and they feel they are above all other Arabs, and this vicious cycle never ends.  Tourists not be treated as you would treat even a national law enforcement agencies are like that.