Most people do not think about their surroundings, especially while traveling. After all, you’re on vacation, there is no need to worry about where you are. You can not be more wrong. Thousands of travelers end up in foreign hospitals in some foreign countries have been attacked and robbed, and others were in unknown places, and ended up injured.

I have a story to tell you the truth. My uncle loved Spain, and traveled there as long as he could, he aims to open a business there and was in the process of being set up. His last trip to Spain was horrible, he was attacked, severely beaten and deprived of his property. He spent two months in hospital, and it was touch and go for a while. The family is very disturbed by this, of course, but one thing that we planned, how did this happen? Spain knew, knew the areas to avoid to stay safe, at least I thought it was anyway, we learned later, something much more disturbing, as I’ll explain.

Every time my cousin went to Spain, he acted like it was on vacation, all the fun and games, was not aware of their surroundings. I thought that it might be, and asked him why he did not know the area better. This was his response: “I never thought this country was poor, as we do in America.” I found that it was a tragic answer. Almost do not know, do not get me wrong I love my niece, but you have to admit that the stupid answer.

I’ve traveled a lot and I always thought valuables at home. I’ve even travelers wear a wedding band. I do not wear a wedding ring My 4000.00 when I travel. Do not take or we will be fine jewelry. I only costume jewelry with me. My husband is looking at 0.00 and leave your expensive ones at home.

This is the number one tip I have for you, not to draw attention to themselves and not as someone with money. People (thieves), I do not want to risk getting caught robbing someone that does not seem to have nothing to steal. They only will it stop, if they think they can get value from you. When traveling, do not show your money, because you will be their number one goal.